Volkswagen Golf 2020 ultimate review: the full truth about the 'new' MK8!

It’s the car that’s been 45 years in the making… Introducing the new Golf Mk8! It’s one of the most recognisable cars the world over, and the new version arrives with a sleeker exterior design and a total overhaul of the cabin, which includes a tonne of new tech! The most powerful edition of the Mk8 will be the GTE, which will combine a 1.4-litre TSI petrol engine with an electric motor to produce 241hp! But does this all-new class-leader offer enough to retain its crown? Join Mat for his ULTIMATE review to find out!

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22 thoughts on “Volkswagen Golf 2020 ultimate review: the full truth about the 'new' MK8!

  1. Here in the US we won't be seeing the MK8 until the 2021 model year and even then the range is likely to be just the GTI and Golf R with no basic Golf. Nor will we see the range of engines available in Europe. VERY unlikely that VW will offer a diesel here. Diesel-gate more or less assured that. The lower power petrol engines won't be offered if the basic Golf is not offered here but the GTI and Golf R will undoubtedly see a (probably modest) power bump compared to the MK7.5 versions. Hybrid versions? Possibly but don't bet on it.

    As far as many of the other bells and whistles in the European MK8 versions VW typically "de-contents" the GTI and Golf R models offered in North America to contain costs. Americans simply won't pay the equivalent of over $50,000 for a GTI as is common in Europe. Thus, the electronic "cockpit" of the current GTI in Europe isn't offered in the US hasn't been offered in the US but it's likely to be available for the 2021 model here. And while a number of individual options can be added or foregone in Europe, US and Canadian versions of the GTI and Golf R come in two or three versions with few or no options available at each trim level.

    I doubt I'll be replacing my MK7.5 GTI with a MK8 version, at least not when it first comes to the US. But the MK8 looks good at least in its Euro-spec form

  2. LOL! I love this double standard. when Honda did the no button controls everyone freaked out. When Europeans do the same it is OK! LOL! Oh the same with the hidden exhausts LOL!! Awesomely pathetic.

  3. That piano black trim on the dash is going to be a sun dazzler and scratch magnet. Also not a fan of touch sensitive buttons as i can see people taking their eyes off the road to find the button they want.

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