The Worst Ways People Cheat in Golf and How to Spot Them!

How are people cheating in golf? You might be surprised at how people are breaking the rules and getting the best of you on the course.

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46 thoughts on “The Worst Ways People Cheat in Golf and How to Spot Them!

  1. Most of these ''infringements" can be spotted & challenged if brave enough, what really brasses me off is the club bandits who are known by all of the regular entrants & committee yet nothing is ever done to stop it, it's as though they are afraid to, why, is it a lack of testicles ???

  2. I have been playing golf for decades and I have never seen anyone do any of these things. What is it there more cheaters in California than elsewhere? Now I know why there were 190 thumbs down on this video. And I've seen the videos of Matt playing Mike from golf holic's and he doesn't look like much of a short game expert to me. I will put my short game up against his for money any day of the week. And if he's got all that short game when he plays Mike why isn't he playing Five skis and 10 skis for closest to the PIN? Interesting

  3. Range finders are a great idea for marketing companies, but crap for real golf! You mean they had range finders when Arnold Palmer played? No Get a damn good caddie that knows the course like the back of his/her hand, anything else is a BS cheat unless playing alone! If you are playing against the coarse then you do you to learn it, but if you have a real game then hell no! If you take it out 2 strokes! My dude are ya betting too much? Planting balls? I thought I heard it all till now. There has to be real monies on a game for stuff like that to happen, which is not what Golf is about!

  4. How about the people who pick up a ball that's very close to the hole because supposedly it's so easy but they don't want to bend so deep to get it out of the hole when the distance is actually far enough to make you anxious to miss it.

  5. I play with one friend who never finds the fairway on his drive, when he finds his ball in the rough he'll pick it up and place it on top of the grass. I always ask him, you want a tee?

  6. I play with this guy Pat quite frequently and he’s constantly complaining about tight lies and always fluffing his ball up, goes to shoot low 80’s, then brags about how good of a round he played. I love the guy to death but whenever we’re playing for money, I’m the first to tell him if I catch him improving his lie, I’m out of the match lol

  7. Hell! They just go looking around in the scrub brush, and miraculously find their balls, and having a shot between two trees straight at the pin. Who needs to stay on the fairway when you got that cheating strategy going for you?

  8. I play with a couple of guys that are "INCHERS". They pick up 36 inches of putts over the course of 18 holes. They think they're fooling people but I can't wait for someone to call them out in a tournament and DQ them. They mark their ball directly behind it with their marker but when they replace the ball it's always 2 inches in front of the marker. Nice way to make a 3 footer …

  9. Unless you're playing for money, golf is an individual sport. The only person you are chatting is yourself. So who cares? Nobody goes out to a golf course to try and hit the hardest shots possible.

  10. Best way to get cheaters out of the game is for non cheaters to politely decline to play with the cheater. This saves members from having to confront the cheater. They soon come to understand they have been busted and are being shunned.

  11. improving lies, and lying about provisionals are probably the most common, but one id say that easily goes unnoticed that you didn't mention is 15 clubs. when was the last time you counted someones clubs?

  12. So I look at it like this if you have to cheat to win maybe sports ain't your thing. I picked up my old clubs after 20 years of them sitting around and I suck plain and simple but I'm working my ass off to get better because I want to say I got good enough to be a left handed player that just whipped you with Wilson 1200s 😂😂and the oldest rookie in golf at 34.

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