The Sexiest Shot In Golf…and how to play it!!

In this video me and Zac Radford look at how you can play the sexiest shot in golf!! The low rising traj stinger. If you liked this vid please hop over to Zac’s channel here and subscribe –

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32 thoughts on “The Sexiest Shot In Golf…and how to play it!!

  1. Okay who do I send the medical bill to when I get my teeth kicked after I hit a 4 iron stinger into the group ahead me and the steriod induced beefcake is waiting for me. I tried to explain I wasn’t trying to go for the green at 250 yards but he wasn’t having it.

  2. Got to be honest, I don't subscribe to your channel and wasn't that into your videos. But I watched a video you did from 9 months ago, on classic clubs, and you responded to almost every comment that was listed. For someone with your level of notoriety to take the time, and effort, to respond to people who you don't even know, I was blown away. Pure class act. I am now a fan and a subscriber (your actually the first person I have subscribed to in all my years on Youtube). Thanks for being a great role model compared to most of these people who just are after Likes and advertising. It is because of people like you that I love golf and the reason golf is the best sport in the world.

  3. HI Pete, I enjoy watching yours and others tutorials on hitting different shots like Zak with the stinger but I would like them and you to tell us when you would hit the shot and what the benefit of that shot could be. Thanks Richard.

  4. All wrong sorry….helicopter shot is the sexiest shot in golf. Flies slightly lower and then rises higher than the stinger.

    Not very easy to do useless your still playing with square pattern dimples 🙂

    It’s effectively the stock shot Trevino played.

  5. The one shot I cannot tackle!! I tend to have an early release and stand up out of my posture and flip my hands. Can not get any shaft lean at all with any speed. Been working on this for months but apparently my body is stubborn! Thanks for this Pete, going to get out to the range and keep working. I gotta be able to hit one of these things to show off in front of friends!! 😂

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