The Craziest Golf Hole EVER | Quivira Golf Club Part 1

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Quivira Golf Club:
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After our wedding Cabo was the perfect trip for Kelsey and I. We stayed at Pueblo Bonito Pacifica (a beautiful resort right on the beach) and just minutes away from the golf course. I got the chance to play golf everyday and Kelsey soaked up the sun. We will def be back!

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46 thoughts on “The Craziest Golf Hole EVER | Quivira Golf Club Part 1

  1. I think your videos would be more popular without the wife. Golf geeks don't want to hear the wife's sound effects or her "good jobs" like you're a 6 year old playing soccer. I know you do it because you're a nice husband. and a newlywed, been there. But to take this thing to the next level, i'd get another golf expert to hold the camera. and comment on the conditions, the greens, etc.

  2. Just a thought but hitting a stock 8 iron 185 might be too far. I'm a +1 now at 30 but played mini tour events have been as good as a +4 handicap in my early 20's. At the max I carried an stock 8 iron 168 yards. Not sure if your lofts are strong in those clubs but at 38-39 degrees an 8 iron flying that far is too far. 185 is a good 34 degree 7 iron for me and most pros. Could be you're using forgiving clubs that have too much pop for your swing speed and are strong lofts. Not sure but just a thought at your swing speed you want control over distance. My driver swing speed is 118mph so I'm swinging fast and I couldn't get my 8 iron to fly 185 without delofting it.

  3. Came on here and just saw the disgraceful, rude and hateful comments towards Kelsey😢 just wanted to say ignore that rubbish Kelsey because I think you bring a unique view to Brodie’s videos which I really do enjoy !
    So for what it’s worth, I love your commentary and the role you play in the videos, and continue being you and don’t let anyone bring you down!

  4. Personally i leave the pin in if it’s a close shot but i pull the pin if it’s outside of 10 ft, Brodie love the channel man, it’s great you and your wife can have something to bond over

  5. Brodie, is there any specific reason you use graphite shafts in your wedges and irons. I may have seen wrong. Just curious with your strength and swing speed is steel not a better choice? Thanks for the vids. They are great.

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