Playing The #1 Golf Course in Europe

The back 9 at Turnberry was incredible with GM Golf!

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4 time National Champion in Ultimate Frisbee turned into the biggest golf enthusiast. Watch as I travel the world finding the best courses to play with the best guests. From PGA Tour pros like Jon Rahm, Brooks Koepka, Austin Cook, and many more. I look to bring you the best golf content on YouTube!

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35 thoughts on “Playing The #1 Golf Course in Europe

  1. I used to play a Stableford that everyone had a great time with. 1 point for a fairway, 1 point for a GIR, 2 points for a sandy par save, 2 points for par, 4 for birdie, 8 for eagle. This made everyone play better because they were only looking to hit the fairway and make a GIR … and suddenly they were making pars all over the place. They played one shot at a time in their head and played much better.

  2. This is 2 golfers who claim to be scratch golfers scoring at least 13 over each and they also aren’t even taking proper drops should be taking provisionals so maybe get a higher handicap

  3. I know you guys aren’t playing strict rules and your just having fun and that’s awesome. But, if your putting on the green and your ball hits the flag pin and goes in, it’s a 2 stroke penalty. You did it on hole 15 Brodie but I know you guys were just having fun. Just a heads up for when you play in tournaments or matches.

  4. Brodie you’re too hunched over towards the ball which was causing you to hit more FAT shots. For some golfers the hunch is ok but in previous videos you were not as inclined. Just helping out☺️

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