Playing golf with ONE ADJUSTABLE CLUB (34 clubs in 1)

Playing golf with ONE ADJUSTABLE CLUB (34 clubs in 1)


Filmed on location at: Marriott Worsley Park, Manchester UK

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36 thoughts on “Playing golf with ONE ADJUSTABLE CLUB (34 clubs in 1)

  1. I think it's biggest downfall is the putter! I hate putters like that. Number one there's no weight behind it to help the face stay flat. Causing the head to twist a tad. Definitely not good for long puts that's for sure!

  2. I'm confused, what's the purpose of the telescoping club. If u can't change the length of the club? It seems like they would have made that a feature, in put the numbers on the shaft telling what length for what club setting…. Hmm? If only I were rich I'd have a go at it myself! Lol

  3. I don't even like golf but I like your videos. I do like golf video games however, do you like any of those? I just got The Golf Club 2019, it's pretty cool.

  4. I bought one of those and took it to my local Putt-Putt Park … the guy said Sir , you don't need want one of our putters ??
    I said no thanks lil' buddy , I've got one of these baby's, I'm good !!
    He said .. good lord I've never seen one one those before , what are you going to do with that thing ??
    I said … " I'm going to take that little red ball ,
    I got kicked out of the Park !!

  5. Great if you dont have a car, if you ride a bike, travel a lot, have absolutely no space at home, have no space at your work and you want to practice. I love your videos by the way, so far they have been very interesting, and I've only seen a few.

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