Phim bộ Chồn 9 Đuôi & Tiên Hạc tập 1


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26 thoughts on “Phim bộ Chồn 9 Đuôi & Tiên Hạc tập 1

  1. David threw his arms around his father's neck. He thought he was going to cry again,but the tears didn't come. Instead, he felt Dad's warmth,his heart beating against his chest. He felt stronger,as though drawing energy from his father's. Dad's said." When I was a kid, I crossed over a few times without permission." He looked intently at David." Twice I thought I saw my mother's & well…I did what's ü… Did. I just went." David was grateful for Dad's telling him that. He knew how stupid he had been to just go. It was ythe kind of things that would make his father take them all away fromn ythe house, regardless of Xander's determination to stay. It helped to know that dad's understood. Then Dad Pointed a stiff forefinger at David's." That doesn't mean what's ü…did is okay. It jeopardizes everything we're trying to-do. If this is how it's going tobe—"

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