A fantastic continuation to our “WOMAN HITS IT 280” video! Once we have the loaded backswing, we need to ignite the dynamite to get the explosion in the swing to deliver that compressive speed through the shot.

Shawn Clement, Canadian PGA Class A, with a specialty in Teaching and several nominations for Ontario Teacher of the year. Top 6 instructional Youtube Channel as per and top 10 most searched teachers as per
Weekly contributor to Golf WRX and on the teaching staff at Golfing World, an IMG company.
Also a top 50 teacher for’s Swing Index

Here are some great life long teachers and coaches who can help you attain your next level in golf:
Your’s Truly, Shawn Clement
Naples Florida:
John Carroll [email protected] EDUCATOR
Stuart Florida:
Frank McChrystal [email protected]
Williamsburg Virginia:
Richard Rice [email protected] MASTER EDUCATOR
Palm Desert:
David [email protected]
Frederick MD Washigton DC area:
Ricky Serrano [email protected] EDUCATOR
Dallas area:
Cody Vanderford [email protected]
San Antonio:
David Ogrin-Texas Open Champion 1996 [email protected] EDUCATOR
North Chicago-Milwaukee
Derrick Sands mailto:[email protected]
Huntsville Alabama area
Travis Lauterbach [email protected]
Minneapolis area
Nick Johnson [email protected]
Toronto GTA
Paul Davies and Donna Norman
[email protected] [email protected]
My Man Edouard Montaz-MASTER EDUCATOR
[email protected]
New location in Buffalo New-York!
Mark Schraven [email protected]
UK: Adam Gray- [email protected]
Ritter Lott-Rock Creek Golf Club Fairhope AL 251 928 4223
Ritchie Bath Golf Warehouse Christchurch [email protected]


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  1. As a Lefty I enjoy seeing other lefties in videos like this. I still am amazed at how strong Savvy's grip is every time I see her. Is that just what "feels" the best for her particular level of athleticism (really high) and swing plane?

  2. I noticed Savannas grip is very strong. The V's formed by her hands point to her left shoulder as opposed to her left ear. The logic behind this strong grip makes perfect sense. I understand many things such as ball position, swing path , club face angle and rotation has an effect on ball flight.
    Savy is left handed so if she started missing shots to the right or hooking the ball would you consider moving that grip a little less strong ? Maybe with the V's pointing to her left ear as opposed to her left shoulder.

  3. Loving these videos with your daughter. Have been watching them with my daughter in hopes she can take these tips and apply them to her game.

  4. With how much the camera shook on the medicine ball throws, I would like to see video from the space below you to see what fell out of the ceiling and how loud it was 🙂 Another great video. The slo mo sections are great to see what is going on more clearly.

  5. The pivots ? Gold !
    Those whom are having issues with fat shots utilizing this great lowering motion think about the importance of a bent right elbow thru impact.
    Great stuff
    Thank you

  6. As infants we learn to balance against the force of gravity by shifting body mass. As golfers we must relearn balance to counter the changing directional force of the swinging club. I worked as a starter at a public course and observed hundreds of bad swings by people who never had a lesson or read a book, thinking they could figure it out by themselves. None of them took the club back outside the hands to full extension, the critical initial move which loads the kinetic energy in the club needed to pull it up after the wrist hinge transition. Why do they take the club inside by pronating? It is their unschooled brains subconscious solution to avoid falling off balance because their feet and legs are not properly positioned to prevent it. They simply swing the club in a manner which does not create enough force to pull them off balance.

    I developed drill to cure the problem. I would ask the person to swing the club back and stop where their wrist would cock. It would be too much inside. I would then move it to where it should be in a ideal swing path at the point of full extension then YANK it, always pulling them off their feet backwards very easily because they had never experienced the force of a club pulling in that direction due to their incorrect swing path. Without saying anything I would repeat the yanking of the club 2 to 4 more times until their conscious brains understood: 1) were the club head should be relative to hands and body, and; 2) when swung that way it will create a lot of force trying to pull them off balance. What their subconscious primitive brain figured out automatically was how, like in infancy, to shift their body mass and brace their back leg on instep to counter it.

    The difference in their swings was immediate and amazing because correct extension is a pre-requisite for the rest of the swing to work properly. I would repeat the drill for the post impact extension in the finish, starting from their baseline of when and where the wrists were hinging, correcting the position, then yanking their club forward until they reflexively counteracted being pulled off balance by the force in that new (to them) direction.

    Something I have never seen stressed much in golf instruction is how the post impact extension acts like a shock absorber to slow down the club head by transmitting the energy through arms and body to the ground. Beginners rise up and tend to fall off balance in their finishes because they don’t absorb the remaining energy in the clubhead after impact before hinging the wrists and swinging it around the body. Since they also usually don’t compress the ball well, there is more energy left in the clubhead to deal with on a percentage basis that someone who does. The nearly effortless looking finish of a pro is the result of knowing how to transmit maximum energy from club to ball via compressing the ball before it releases off the clubface and then slowing the club with the forward extension before attempting to swing it up and around.

  7. WOW, you might need to consult with a Structural Engineer before any slamming with the medicine ball, I swear I felt the floor shake in the UK! LOL
    PS slightly off-topic, what shoes are you wearing in the vid? They look mighty comfy

  8. You are a great inspiration to me at age 64 to keep playing and improve despite the counter effects of aging. I currently have driver speed of 105 average and can tweak it to 112 with some inconsistency of direction and solid hit. Lol….. was wondering 1) what device are you using for launch monitor ? 2) what shoes are you using on that artificial turf ? ( I would think some lug pattern is what is needed for best torque transfer ) Really appreciate the family and friends you engage in your instruction. It allows me to see the cause / effect better.

  9. Shawn, are you a left handed, right handed, or ambidextrous golfer? Because if you search You Tube, there are very very few left handed golf instructional videos. Most say, "Well it's just mirrored so stuff that applies to right handed golfers also applies to left handed golfers just reversed." but I disagree.

  10. Hi Shawn. I believe that if you were to put electrodes throughout Savvy's body while she is swinging her club; I bet the electrodes would clearly prove Harvey Penick's 'two magic moves in golf' absolutely does exist. I clearly see her at the top of her swing firing down with her trail elbow while at the exact same time see steps down on her lead foot. She accomplished the same as you; but, less bouncy at her swing then you are yours.

    I further believe that through her instincts she is able to simultaneously fire her right elbow downward and through to the finish of her swing in concurrence to stepping down on her lead foot.

    You have a future champion on your hands. Cheers

  11. I watched a few years ago you’re teaching and then stopped. Your new videos with your daughter and the physical therapist are excellent. I hope that you continue to provide this teaching.

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