Maurice Ravel Bolero London Symphony Orchestra Valery Gergiev


Maurice Ravel, Bolero for Orchestra
London Symphony Orchestra
Cond. Valery Gergiev


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45 thoughts on “Maurice Ravel Bolero London Symphony Orchestra Valery Gergiev

  1. Magnificent. Simply magnificent. Anyone who can't sit through the slow build up until the climax either has army ants in their jocks or are in a hurry to post some puerile message on facebook or similar……….

  2. Not a single talent causes so much delight as the ability to create wonderful music !!!
    Ни один талант не вызывает столько восторга, как умение творить прекрасную музыку!!!

  3. Как же можно так развивать тему до супер фантастической вершины? Это просто невозможно для нормального мозга.

  4. For me, the reason the conductor uses a toothpick is for the simple fact that this song is supposed to build over a long time. It becomes quite bombastic at the end, and that was what it was intended to do. So the slow quiet buildup is intentional

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