Kelsey's First Golf Video (3 holes)

The beginning of Kelsey’s golf journey. Hope you guys follow along.

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4 time National Champion in Ultimate Frisbee turned into the biggest golf enthusiast. Watch as I travel the world finding the best courses to play with the best guests. From PGA Tour pros like Jon Rahm, Brooks Koepka, Austin Cook, and many more. I look to bring you the best golf content on YouTube!

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31 thoughts on “Kelsey's First Golf Video (3 holes)

  1. I just started playing golf as well in August..and my first nine holes ever I was 21 over
    And I got done playing college baseball so that is definitely very impressive 👌.
    Also watch you guys all the time Brodie you have helped out with my golf game a lot
    My best score now is 78 after just three months of playing you give great tips so thank you

  2. Great job Kelsey! It's great that you are getting into golf. Enjoy the process. I think too many golfers focus so much on the outcome and score instead of the process of getting better. Learn to love the journey of small improvements and everything else will follow. Excited to watch your progress and the content to come with you and Brodie!

  3. BS on first swing.  BS on not a first lesson soon.  Great posture.  Great balanced swing using her body to finish.  Learn how to play first, practice, then post a video.    She is either lying her ass off or is a great athlete with natural talent.

  4. ''Yaaaaak cittty!'' hahahah. Very impressed tbh, I recently started playing golf and getting the consistency is the hardest part for me. Good job Kelsey and great vid guys xD

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