In the golf bag 2020 with Mark Crossfield. What is in Mark’s Golf bag for 2020 watch and find out in this classic in the bag golf video. Mark talks through his new golf clubs from irons, wedges, hybrids, putter and fairway and driver. What driver will Mark be playing in 2020 in his golf vlogs and what will his new golf bag do fro his golf game over the new golf season. How much difference will new golf clubs really make to a golfers golf game and what are the benefits and draw backs of buying new golf clubs. How to choose new golf clubs and what golf clubs are best for 2020 are all questions tackled in this golf video from Mark Crossfield.

Let us know in the comments below if you are a beginner golfers looking for golf buying advice or just a keen golfer looking for the best golf clubs.

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  1. I switched to Srixon irons about a month ago. They are very good in the cool and wet. Can’t wait for summer. 5 hybrid? Really? I blended the set and the 585 4 iron hits it a mile high.

  2. Looks like a a Tesla interior to me. Tried to listen for an engine noise to confirm, but it seemed a bit quite:) enjoy the new ride and the new clubs!

  3. Well this is interesting. Was interested what would happen, when signed with Titleist. In my opinion, that turned out way better than I imagined, all of what you said in your summary was spot on. So, think we should all be interested where this is going. Surely any golf fan understands Srixon, Cleveland are great brands and have great gear. Not necessarily better or worse than anyone else. Personal preference surely? Aesics known for footwear etc etc. Why don't we all just see where this goes. Hope it is as interesting as the Titleist experience.

  4. Hi Mark this has nothing to do with the video but could you do a video and compare a 19year old set of irons to a new set personally I think golfers are being ripped off right left and center cheers

  5. Good luck with the new set up was quite surprised to here you say you might put Cleveland launcher driver in the bag thought they're for people like myself not a professional like yourself. Good luck though Mark

  6. Looking forward to more of your
    content in regard to these changes and how it performs on the real stage…ie the muppet tour. Best change is ASICS and your clothing…it’s all about the fashion bruh!!!

  7. I only wear Asics Trainers and have been waiting for the golf shoe to be available in UK, but don't think it is at present. Any launch dates?

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