I USED JACK NICKLAUS' GOLF CLUBS! (and they were amazing!) Golf Monthly

► In this video, technical editor Joel Tadman tests out a set of classic MacGregor clubs from the 1950s, many of which were used by the great Jack Nicklaus himself, and compares to the modern clubs he is accustomed to. He hit them on the Foresight Sports GCQuad launch monitor, out on the course at Burghley Park Golf Club and even tested an old Dunlop 65 ball from the 1960s, made here in the UK! Watch the video to see what he liked and didn’t like about the old set.

► Joel got hold of these classic clubs and balls from the Persimmon Golf Society Facebook page. It’s an online community where you can share images of your old clubs, buy/sell them and even get them restored to their former glory. Check them out here –

► Joel’s classic What’s In The Bag for this video:
Driver – MacGregor Tommy Armour Signature Tourney 945W, 9° (1954)
Fairway – MacGregor Tommy Armour Signature Tourney 693 T, 15° (1950)
Irons – MacGregor MT1 iron (1965), MacGregor VIP, 2-SW (1967)
Putter – MacGregor George Lowe 600 (1960)
Ball – Dunlop 65 1.68 and 1.62 (approx 1970)

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20 thoughts on “I USED JACK NICKLAUS' GOLF CLUBS! (and they were amazing!) Golf Monthly

  1. In 1970, Jack was in an 18 hole playoff for the Open Championship at St Andrews (Old Course). Against Doug Sanders, Jack was just 1 shot ahead teeing it up on the 18th hole – a par 4 of 356 yards. A tee shot close to the green could win it….. but there's out of bounds right…..a bad shot could lose it! Sanders had already hit the fairway, and Jack decided to go for the green – 356 yards away – with a balata ball – with a 42.75" persimmon headed driver, and some wind assistance.
    Could he hit it that far, that straight, under that pressure???
    A great shot is a thing of beauty. Jack hit it flush, and put it through the green! THROUGH THE GREEN!!! Thats gotta be at least 380 yards – unbelievable!!!
    Of course he won – a good chip, a good putt. Birdie…… Best. Golfer. Ever.

  2. I still have my clubs from college. Sad to say, my swing is sloppy because of my big fat modern Callaways.  I can't hit the oldies worth a lick.  Staff Tour Blades 3-PW w/ #3 & #4 woods, Powerbilt Citation driver, generic Titleist SW, and my trusty Spalding TPM1 putter.  My bag was full of used Top Flites and Acushnet Club Specials.  I recall the thrill of getting a triangle shaped box of Spalding Molitor 332's for graduation.  All that chrome in the bag used to look great though…

  3. Just this year I had to end using my old 1974 Hogan Producers. Just couldn’t continue hitting a 6-iron 130 yards if I missed slightly. Had to abandon my old Joe Powell woods back a decade earlier for similar reasons.

  4. Now you know why Jack Nicklaus complains so much about the modern golf ball,with the likes of D.J. & R.M. Carry Driver distance over 350 yards and basically making the old style classic courses obsolete. If you can hit a 9-Iron 175 yards a 450 yards par 4 is almost a joke. Also the expression “Hit it right on the screws was because the screws were in the insert,to hold it in place. It would have been nice if you quickly explained the pin in the head that held the shaft in place.🇨🇦🇬🇧

  5. I cant play cavity back irons , in my day a starter set where a set of blades.

    The feel of them makes you learn how to play , hit it wrong it hurts!, it it right they feel like you said like butter!

  6. I had no problem hitting that persimmon driver 260-270 in the air in my younger days. And the feel from the wood was fantastic. Just wish we have had some launch monitors to measure my swing speed in those days. This really put a big question mark on whether its worth the money to invest 3000 pounds in a set of new clubs, when you can buy cheap stuff from Golfbidder and play just as good.

  7. Too bad we can't see what Jack Nicklaus could've done with today's equipment compared how he fared with the inferior equipment back in the day. This is the reason making comparisons between Tiger and Jack is impossible. Both the greatest players of their respective generation.

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