I play golf with a £70 ($90) PACKAGE SET

I play golf with £70/$90 set of clubs…
Continuing the previous video on the topic of price of new golf equipment, PGA Golf Pro Rick Shiels buys a set of golf clubs for £70/$90 and takes them out on the course to see how they get on!


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38 thoughts on “I play golf with a £70 ($90) PACKAGE SET

  1. All modern golf clubs are made in China. It takes roughly between 3-6 minutes to assemble a golf club in a factory in China irrespective of the make. Anybody who pays loads of money for modern golf clubs wants to be ripped off.

  2. Picked up a set of used Jazz clubs for GF the other day for $50 can.If she doesn't like playing at least I'm not out a grand or two for a decent set.Yes I am cheap…lol
    I would try em but she is a. Lefty

  3. You gotta think about it like this. Back 20,30 or 50yrs ago. If u put that set in their hands. They'd think it was space age technology!? Right? I mean think about what they were using back then. They obviously still enjoyed the game, if not we wouldn't be where we are today with all this technology. My point is, you can have fun with cheap clubs. Now if u are doing tournaments and competitive play with great golfers. You don't want to handicap urself too much. In they wouldn't work for that. But! For all the beginners and weekend warriors, heck yeah man! My first set was by Top Flite I think, paid like $200 for the entire set. It had a 460cc driver. I loved the putter, but I tell you I had a good 2-3yrs of fun with them before upgrading! When u first start, ur gonna be hard on ur equipment. Get the basics down, then upgrade! Make that expensive set a reward for yourself getting better. Yeah?

  4. Lol when anyone asks me to come along for a round a golf, I bring a £5 sports direct slammer driver, a 3W/5I/7I/SW set that came free with car insurance back in the last 1980s (There used to be a 3I and 9I in this set but both broke on the range over the years), a 50p 3I from cash converters, a 9I I found when someone left it on a local nine hole, and a £7 putter.

  5. Try my set mate, I've not played since I was in my young teens, I brought 10 clubs and a bag for $10 NZD from my local recycling center, then got a putter on the trading post for box of 12 beers. Driver has all kinds of dents in it, irons are amix of blades and cavities, My 8 iron has less loft than my 6 iron. I still manage to get around the course and have fun while I'm learning to play and honestly I don't think a better set of clubs would do all that much for me for a little while

  6. Just found this video. Bought a set from Golfoutlets for $200, 12 years ago. I still use them albeit I broke the driver last year and replaced it with a used Big Bertha. Can I drive as far as my buddies with TM? No. Approach shots are about 1 club more. Is it the clubs or me? I don't know as I've not swung anything else. I'm playing more golf in the past couple years and am finally thinking about getting fitted for a USED set. To prove your point, you can go out and play golf with a cheap set. I've been doing it for over 10 years.

  7. Because in the back of our minds there's a little demon saying 'that latest set of expensive clubs will finally change my game and make me the best, yeah!'

  8. You can thank Tiger, Rory, and the like for the current cost of clubs. Not that its their fault directly, but they are the ones driving more and more people to take up the sort and the manufacturers are capitalizing on the surge of popularity since the early 2000's and putting prices through the stratosphere because they KNOW the gullible will pay it. I'm average at best on the course and have a 90's set of Ping clubs, but I have friends who are excellent and would destroy me with a set of 50's wooden clubs even if I had a bleeding edge set of Taylor Made clubs. Its no different than if you gave Steve Vai a Hello Kitty guitar and some random dude a $5000.00 Les Paul Custom, Vai would embarrass the guy playing the Les Paul. You still have to be skilled enough for the tools to make any difference at all.

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