Having a visually pleasing repeatable golf swing is f no use to anyone if we cant set ourselves correctly and aim towards our intended target.

How many times have you made what you feel is a great golf swing, only to be told by your playing partners that you were aiming well away from your target and seen the ball finish up there.

In this short video PGA Professional Chris Ryan shows you exactly how to aim on the golf course and some key stages to ensure this part of your game doesn’t let you down



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  1. Brilliant explanation and a great tip I will try this tomorrow at the range , I have always just aimed at the flag and never ever thought about picking a point just in front of the ball , and I always miss more greens than I hit 👍👍 🏌️‍♂️

  2. Good tips Chris. This might be a dumb question but would you be allowed to place a club along the line of your feet to check your target line in a competition.

  3. Great video Chris. Well presented, nice and clear, good use of graphics and how to look at the shot by head rotation is a cracking tip.
    You look good on camera too. 😊 I'll be subscribing.

  4. I get frustrated hitting perfect strikes but going left of target . At least 3 times a round I’ll say “why have I hit it there!”

    Look forward to giving these tips a go thanks

  5. One of my problems with aiming is when hitting a ball off the ground and say it launches directly at the target ok. Next hit the same exact shot with the ball on a tee and it's pulled left. What's causing that. I see quite a few golfers with this same result.

  6. You are aiming to the left significantly.. Including your shoulders, if you review the line of your shoulders just before you hit you can see you are lined up significantly left. The camera angle is a factor but that shoulder alignment cant be explained away by that.

  7. Great content Chris. When I watched your video it reminded me of the PGA Tour Playoff here at East Lake in Atlanta, GA. I often capture video's of the different players, Pre Shot Routines, and how they align themselves before each shot!! Keep it up!!

  8. I've been doing this on the tee for the last couple of games and now feel so much more comfortable off the tee with driver or any club and hitting more fairways. It has also shown when I have put a bad swing on the tee. I will have to try the head tilt next time I'm out, always look at the target but never tried it the way you explained.

  9. These guys have good information but they talk way too much. I always look at how small the slider bar is when I choose a video to watch. If it's tiny, I skip through to see if there is any good information, otherwise it just takes too long to get through it.

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