Golf Fails LPGA

Golf Fails LPGA

Golf fails 2018 masters
Golf fails 2019 us open
Funny Golf Fails LPGA Bloopers
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47 thoughts on “Golf Fails LPGA

  1. It blows my mind that no female golfer on the LPGA tour has realized the secret to total domination :
    Get as strong as a male, drive it 300 yards average, work on your short game and get ready to cash in.
    As a woman, if you can do 50 straight push ups, 15 pulls ups and squat 180lbs NO ONE is going to beat you on tour.

  2. FUCK YOU!!!!! To the cocksucker who posted this video. . . the thumbnails show yummy hot chick golfers. . .so I came here looking for titties and crotch shots and got this lame ass boring video instead. YOU PRICK!!!!

  3. The LPGA needs to make a massive concerted effort to enlist young , hot , blond , sexy , AMERICAN talent. No one will ever have any desire to watch a middle linebacker play golf in a skort. NO ONE.

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