Golf balls and how to hit them further with Mark Crossfield. Trying to pick the best golf ball or finding the golf ball that goes the furthest is something all golfers are trying to do. Mark Crossfield golf professional tests golf balls at different temperatures to see if one will fly longer than another. If it’s Titleist golf balls, Srixon Golf balls, Callaway golf balls or TaylorMade golf balls what really effects the distance they fly. If you want to see other golf ball tests or any other golf questions you want answering then leave a comment below and Mark will do his best to make a video response.

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  1. Add into the test a cold or hot iron face!! I'm sure having a cold or hot club face, in conjunction with the cold or hot ball, would make a much bigger difference between the two!!

  2. Excellent test, Mark. I also think the performance you have in cold vs warm weather is even worse than your test shows. You go out to the course in 40-degree weather, and not only are the balls cold, but your club is cold, your hands are cold, every muscle in your body is more rigid due to the cold, and not to mention the air itself is much more dense, which i would assume would cause resistance to the ball in flight. Now i've ran official tests or numbers on any of this, but in my experience over the years, playing in 40-something degree weather versus 80 degrees and up, i find myself hitting the ball as much as 20-25 yards shorter on longer or long-ish shots.

    Oddly enough, shorter shots (120 yards and under) seem to travel about the distance i'd expect them to, at least to me anyway. I've always assumed those shots aren't been hit at 100% swings even in warm weather, so i'm probably more able to replicate the same swing. Just a theory, of course. Love your channel, by the way. Keep up the good work!

  3. I'm always surprised when 99% humidity doesn't seem to affect the ball. I would think all of the water molecules hitting the ball would decrease the balls speed, but apparently the high humidity typically comes with a hot day, so compression off the face is greater maybe, and those offset for no loss of distance.

  4. It’s legal to warm them up before a Round but you can’t use a hand warmer or anything like that during the round to warm it up. You can keep it in your pocket though.

  5. I always treat my balls to a three hour warm up between two hand warmers. Then I proceed to the first tee, half a dozen practice swings and BOOM…………Once ive retrieved the ball from the water hazard it doesn't matter what temperature it is lol

  6. Warm balls are always better than cold 😂😂😂
    Without being a rules geek, I think you're allowed to keep a spare in your pocket or bag etc and therefore it be warm. But once it's in play, it remains in play until the hole is finished, so it might benefit you for the tee shot, then possibly a bit on the next shot, but I think they'd quickly cool down when playing in winter etc when the ball is on the grass or more likely, plugged in the mud!

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