Garrett VS Micah 9 Hole Golf Match | GM GOLF

Regular golf 2 videos straight! You guys have been asking for it and we wanna give it! More to come. Shortly after this video i went out and practiced, thankfully i’m figuring things out with my game and hope to be getting back into somewhat of a form! Hopefully you enjoyed this and please welcome Micah to the channel! Guy’s a beast!

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46 thoughts on “Garrett VS Micah 9 Hole Golf Match | GM GOLF

  1. I love that you and Rick Shiels are issuing challenges… I think you have to do "home and away" challenge. 18 holes on course of your choice in US, and then 18 in England.

  2. You guys vs Rick Shields and Pete three challenge series:

    – Straight up Match play
    – One club Challenge
    – Second Hand from golf bidder, thrift store, or hickory clubs challenge. (whatever but something like that.)

    Brodie holds the camera and commentates for all three. EPIC!

  3. Garrett/ Micah: Hits Driver behind a tree.
    Me: hits Driver in the fairway
    Garrett/Micah: Hits perfect approach shot over the trees onto the green.
    Me(again): Hits a shank into the right trees from the fairway.


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