Deny the Bi (A Documentary Of A Bisexual In Denial)

People requested a Lance redo of my gay Keith vid??? Here it is?? Its terrible bye!!

Songs: I Am What I Am by Gloria Gaynor
The X Files Song??
Careless Whisper by George Michael

Watch it on tumblr:


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20 thoughts on “Deny the Bi (A Documentary Of A Bisexual In Denial)

  1. Okay soooo
    here's the story of how I started watching Voltron

    So I knew what it was but I never got around to watching it…..
    and then I was looking at some random comic dubs on youtube and I saw something that said "klance" and I shipped it
    even though i hadn't even watched the show yet
    so the reason I tried to start watching voltron is because…


    Funny Huh?

    yeah I know it's not but don't rub it in my face

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