CRAZY Golf Moments (Part 3)

Keeping the series going! Glad you guys are enjoying these. Stay tuned for more to come in the future.


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35 thoughts on “CRAZY Golf Moments (Part 3)

  1. What are all of the dislikes about?

    If you don't like golf, that's fine, but disliking someone's efforts at putting together a video to entertain others – that's not cool. And in all fairness, those shots were amazing. Common folk don't appreciate the skill required to play that well in such a challenging sport.

  2. I love golf but I think every person that goes to those big torneys like that Tiger one, unless they're a Caddy or Golfer, is an idiot… It's disgusting to see worship of golfers…They play a great game but there's no reason to get all gushy about it…Just sayin.

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