► Neil Tappin and Jezz Ellwood talk through the 8 biggest rules mistakes including what you do when you drop and where to tee off from!

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21 thoughts on “8 BIGGEST RULES MISTAKES!! Golf Monthly

  1. I looked at what "Thunda watch" said in reply to a comment on this subject. "Thunda'" said the nearest "reference point" of relief in this circumstance, should be identified using the club that is intended to be used for the stroke. The one club-length area of relief is then measured using the longest club in the bag. I believe, then one may change which club will be used to play the stroke.

  2. In this instruction, Jezz says that when taking free relief from a path the player must use the club that is to be used to play the stroke. However, in the rules definitions, a Club Length is the longest club in the bag other than the putter. Otherwise, the longest club could be a broomstick putter. My recollection of the Rules prior to 1st January 2019 was that a player must use the club that would be used to play the shot. I have not found any statement in the current Rules that says the club used for measurement must be the club intended to make the stroke. Is my understanding incorrect?

  3. About the lost ball, although you can’t declare it “lost”, you always have the option to declare it “unplayable”, especially when you are familiar with the course, knowing you won’t be able to play from that given position. So, you can immediately play another ball, if you decide not to go and search for it.

  4. I had a putt of 8 inches, the flag stick was leaning towards the ball so I pulled it out and rested it on my shoulder and putted out because I didn't want to bend down to pick it up. I was told you can't do that but I have searched the rules and can't find the answer. Please help me!

  5. So when taking relief from a path you use the club you will use to play? Not a driver. Bit confusing. Also if a player puts their ball infront of the tee markers is it best to tell them then?

  6. I'm pretty sure you can now measure relief with the longest club in the bag (except putter). This was a 2019 change so you don't have to use the club you would expect to use.

  7. Is it fair to say that if you announce that you’re playing a provisional ball that you don’t get to hit it immediately but must wait for all others in the group to tee off before hitting your second shot ?

  8. So if I slice my drive into the woods, can I declare it lost from the tee and then hit another ball (not provisional) if when we get to the area my original drive has actually bounced out but in a less favourable position than the 2nd ball can my playing partner insist I play the original ??

  9. Hang on… so the ball is either lost or not… then you say, IF you don't find it inside 3 minutes. So if you look for 3 minutes, don't find the ball, play your next shot with another ball, THEN someone finds your ball… was your ball lost or not? Also, you seem to say you have the option of playing a second shot from the T WITHOUT saying it's provisional, in which case it does not matter if you find your first ball or not. Is it a one-stroke or two-stroke penalty playing a second shot from the T – provisional or not? Please clarify?

  10. Re relief from sprinkler heads around the green (16:05): At our club we have a local rule allowing clean and place on the fairways within one club length (not nearer to hole). Can the area around the green be interpreted as 'part of the fairway'…?

  11. What if I hit a long drive, that lands into a playable part of a penalty area. I play a provisional and duff it into the fairway. Can I opt to play the first ball?

  12. 1. If you play a brand new ball, it will get lost immediately- old balls however will last all summer
    2. If you play the harder holes well, you will definitely mess up the easier ones
    3. If you’re partner gimmes you a put and you take it anyway – you will miss that put .

  13. You missed a very common one – hitting a "provisional" ball because you are uncertain whether your ball is in a hazard or not. Provisional balls can only be hit due to uncertainty of finding the ball or uncertainty about whether it is in bounds or out. Keep in mind that any ball in a hazard is excluded from golf's definition of "lost ball" for this very reason. The problem in the "hazard scenario" is that you would be setting up a situation in which you could choose a certain action (hitting from the original spot) after you have already seen the result – SOMETHING NEVER ALLOWED under the rules of golf. This may seem impractical (due the extra walking and time spent) during a casual round but if you are in a serious competition, you must determine if the ball is in the hazard and whether or not you are going to play it from the hazard before you choose from your other available options.

  14. A few years ago,playing in an inter club competition, my opponent took a putt with his marker behind his ball thinking he had no shot. No one including the referee on the day knew the ruling. I wrote to the R&A and they cleared it up. Once your ball is touching the green it is in play.
    My question now is, can I leave the marker behind the ball in very windy conditions.

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