► Neil Tappin and Alex Elliott talk through the 7 biggest practice mistakes that golfers make – everything from where to film the golf swing to ‘last ball syndrome’.

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28 thoughts on “7 BIGGEST PRACTICE MISTAKES!! Golf Monthly

  1. Only got my 1st set of clubs about a month ago to give me something to pass time when not working. Only been on driving range so far until I get half comfortable to try a course, But machine gunning just stood out in this generally I'm hitting anything from 220 to 275 balls in an 1 hour to 1 1/2hrs. Although maybe that's not many nut it seems it even when I'm at it.

  2. Machine gun is my fave, as soon as the auto tee stops my driver is connecting. Body is warm and in the zone, great exercise rather than ball flight analysing. I think it helps with muscle strength and memory but its fun so benefit enough haha

  3. i always stretch and make a few swings in my front yard before i go to the range. has made a huge difference in my practice. makes me feel so loose once get actually start hitting balls.

  4. I wish some ranges could be more creative with targets etc. It amazes me how many courses have ranges with yardage markers but very little in the way of stimulating target practice. It wouldn’t take much.

  5. I think this is generally ok information for an average golfer but certainly not better/elite golfers. Couple of big studies has shown that spending a majority of your time on your strengths improves you quicker than spending all your time on practicing your weaknesses. In terms of practice as well an elite golfer/pro will not focus on mid/long irons. If you take 100 balls they will hit 35 drivers, 40 wedges and pitches, 5 3 woods, 5 long irons and 15 mid irons. Focus on your scoring shots!

  6. I like the idea of the 5 ball drill.
    I try to make sure I practice my short game for longer than full swing because that's where more than 1/2 of my game is played. But it's hard 'coz whacking balls hard is more fun!

  7. I often take an old course guide with me and imagine I am playing the course. If I hit a bad drive then my next would shot would be a wedge shot or something similar to get me back on to the imaginary fairway. During a range session I tend to use all the clubs in the bag other than the putter.

  8. Enjoyed the video with yourself and Alex. I always do the five balls and gap my clubs like Alex mentioned; 54, pw, 8, 6 and so on..
    I find it allows me time to setup and helps me hit more consistent shots🏌🏾‍♂️

  9. All very good stuff Neil thank you. My fave thing to do with my last 20 balls is to play a virtual round as if I am playing the course. So first hole is a drive and a 8 iron so that's how I play. If I hit it out of bounds I reload, if I hit a big hook with my 8 I then have to hit a wedge 30 yards to my target. I also lay the driving range out as if I am on the hole, So if the hole needs a draw off the tree thats what I imagine on the range.

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